Each Divorce Recovery Seminar  consists of 10 weekly meetings, one night a week for 3 hours each. Each class explores a different building-block  to recovery. Below is a short summary of what they are:


Week 1
Rebuilding Blocks: The building blocks to recovery will be discussed over the course of the seminar. The summary and expectations will be discussed.
Week 2
Adaptation: Tonight we discuss our habitual relationship patterns which will give you insight into the part you play.

Week 3

Healing Grief: We’ll talk about beginning to acknowledge that dealing with the loss leads to healing the grief.

Week 4
Positive Anger: The discussion will introduce anger as a positive emotion to aid letting go and moving forward.

Week 5
Transition: Rebirth depends on death. Tonight we will talk about how we must leave our old lives behind in order to create new ones.

Week 6
Openness: We will look at the “Masks” we wear and work on dropping them in order to be more authentic.

Week 7

Self-Worth: We’ll talk about the three ways towards self-acceptance.


Week 8
Love After Love: Is is possible to avoid rebounding? We’ll learn how.


Week 9
Intimacy: We’ll discuss how to attain and nurture a healthy relationship.


Week 10
Freedom and Confidence: Celebrate! You are moving toward a confident future!